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Age plays a significant role here, which determines sexual interest and activity. For about 40 (or more) years, the human body undergoes certain physiological and hormonal changes that progressively reduce sexual potential.

In other words, to get primal sex enjoyment with age, you need to stimulate your senses more and more. Unfortunately, the aging process is unavoidable here. However, it is all in our hands and we can enjoy sex life regardless of age.

Best Biggest Big Booty Ass London Escorts

Fantasy games

One of the most challenging techniques in the art of love is persuasion, the use of imagination to feel an orgasm before touching another person’s body. If you keep repeating the love game scenario, waiting for you, and accompanying the words with innocent touches or other “unintentional” actions, the partner may feel extremely intense and excited, which can “drive you crazy”.

Phase 1. Set rules for the game

The secret to success lies in following the script in spite of everything and not stopping playing a sexual game, no matter what the partner’s reaction. However, before giving in to your imagination, you need to clearly understand what is acceptable to your partner and what is not. If you do not know this, you better not take the risk and find out.

The rules

If you were about to play a role, you can’t be stopped by even screams like “Pretty!”, “No need!”, “I can’t do it anymore” or anything like that. The game can only be interrupted if the passive partner utters a pre-agreed password. Partners must adhere to pre-agreed rules if they are to have mutual pleasure.


Whatever the rules, the key is mutual trust between partners. It is only when absolute confidence prevails that you surrender to the other person and allow them to handle your body as they please. Sexologists also claim that such couples have strong emotional confidence, and in no way can such partners be considered impure perverts.